[Ghent] Hội chợ việc làm Asia Job Corner


Are you ready for the Asia Job Corner (ICC, Ghent – 31 March 2015, 12:00-18:00)?

ImecSolvayDaikin EuropeBarcoEuroclearBaxter InternationalAB InBevAdifoINVE AquacultureTenneco Automotive Europestudiebureau r boydens and Jan De Nul are genuinely interested in hiring qualified Chinese, Vietnamese and Indian young high potentials. Even if you don’t get a placement as a direct result of the Asia Job Corner, you will be taking important steps towards your chosen career and move closer to recruitment in your perfect job!

Participants in the Asia Job Corner are moreover welcome to take part in our top-notch workshops – please check out the programme.

Information sessions targeted exclusively towards PhD’s & postdoctoral fellows

All information sessions and workshops take place on the 2nd floor, with the exception of those indicated in italics, which take place on the 1st floor.

CV analysis and business counseling for PhD’s takes place on the 2nd floor – Guislain Room 1.

Baekeland 3 / Jan van Eyckzaal Baekeland 1 Guislain 2 / Van der Goeszaal

Recruitment & selection procedures explained by AB InBev & Tenneco Automotive Europe

(Baekeland 3)


Internships & job opportunities with the United Nations – Unric


PhD works! Difficult to find a job as a PhD? Not necessarily! – VDAB

(Guislain 2)


Debate with Minister Philippe Muyters

“Get up, start up! Academics reach out”

Je competenties in kaart brengen en gebruiken bij je sollicitaties – VDAB(Jan van Eyckzaal)

From academia to industry: How to set yourself apart from other PhD’s*

7 things to know about profile screening in industry – R. Lefebvre (P&G)

Targeted at engineering & ß sciences!


Loon: Alles wat je moet weten over je loon – ACV

(Van der Goeszaal)


A career in the EU institutions – Lieven Tack

(Van der Goeszaal)


Recruitment & selection procedures explained by Alcatel-Lucent & Euroclear

(Baekeland 3)


The U.S. experience: the fundamentals of studying and research in the U.S. – Fulbright ~ BAEF



Wat na je doctoraat? Solliciteren bij de Federale Overheid – Selor

(Guislain 2)

* The first 30 PhD’s and postdoctoral fellows to send in their CV to dr. Robin Lefebvre (lefebvre.r.1@pg.com) for this workshop will receive personal feedback on their résumé from dr. Lefebvre.